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The Baltic Sea is one of the world's most polluted seas, but with collaboration we can have a significant impact on its condition. Your school can take part in the joint effort to save the Baltic Sea by dedicating Operation a Day’s Work (taksvärkki) to the Baltic Sea or organizing a Baltic Sea Walk.

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Why join in on Baltic Sea action? (video in Finnish)




Oragnize a Operation a Day’s Work for the Baltic Sea...

Organizing an Operation a Day’s Work is a traditional way for school’s to raise money for a good cause. In a Day’s Work students work in a place of their choice (organizations, enterprises or just at home) to earn a sum of money. The school will then donate the money raised to a charity of their choice.

Organize an Operation a Day’s Work and support Baltic Sea Action for the good of the Baltic Sea. With collaboration we can restore the good ecological state of the sea in order to preserve its unique biota and allow us all to keep enjoying it also in the future.

…or a Baltic Sea Walk

Elementary school can also take part in Baltic Sea action by organizing a Baltic Sea Walk. The walk can be organized together with for example a Baltic Sea themed lesson or a morning broadcast. In a Baltic Sea Walk students circle a pre-determined track, and for each lap they complete a sponsor they have chosen will donate a sum of money (1, 2 or 5 €) to BSAG’s work.

BSAG offers Baltic Sea Passports for the walk, on which the laps will be recorded. Additionally, the passport contains fun age-appropriate tasks with the theme of the Baltic Sea.

Diploma and learning materials

On this page you can find freely accessible Baltic Sea materials, which allow one to hold a Baltic Sea lesson or a whole Baltic Sea Day. This includes ideas and materials for examining the Baltic Sea through different subjects. Schools that partake in a Day’s Work or a Walk will also receive a diploma with the sum of money they raise. Please make sure to sign up for a Day’s Work or Baltic Sea Walk fundraising through the registeration form on this page to ensure that the diploma will find your school!

Further information on the Day’s Work or the Baltic Sea Walk:


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Please note, that BSAG does not cover insurance for students taking part in the Day’s Work or the Baltic Sea Walk.
Further information Elena Belle, elena.belle@bsag.fi, +358 40 775 0686

The Baltic Sea is polluted, but also diverse and beautiful

The Baltic Sea is a sea close to us all. It is surrounded by a large and densely populated catchment basin, which makes it vulnerable to a variety of problems. Nevertheless, Baltic Sea is also a beautidul and diversehome to a variety of different forms of life.

Nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients are vital for food production, but the overload of them poses a threat to the life of the Baltic Sea. Excess nutrients cause eutrophication and, in the worst cases, dead areas near the sea floor. The increasing amount of the blue-green algae is a visible sign of eutrophication.

Wsting valuable nutrients to the sea is not only harmful but also foolish. Salvaging nutrients helps all waters and the Baltic Sea in addition to increasing our capability to produce food to the growing global population.

Raise funds for BSAG’s Baltic Sea work. With collaboration we can restore the good ecological state of the sea in order to preserve its unique biota and allow us all to keep enjoying it also in the future.

Explore what BSAG does and read more Itämerestä BSAG:n sivuilta tai Itämeri-sivustolta




Explore the beautiful life under the surface of the Baltic Sea in the video below!

Test your Baltic Sea knowledge!


By becoming a Baltic Sea School, a school makes the Baltic Sea a part of their work also after the fundraising. As a Baltic Sea School your school will gain access to material expressing your commitment and the opportunity to use Baltic Sea School label in the school’s materials.

The Baltic Sea School label is a recognizition to your school of the fact that the students have taken part in raising funds to the Baltic Sea. The material you would gain access to includes a Baltic Sea School diploma, a digital signature for the school’s emails and content for the school’s webpage.